Thursday, January 4, 2007

Yesterday I Cheated

I had citrus ribs (tofu) and brown rice. I'm not supposed to have sugar, fruit, or any carbs until the end of next week. I'm assuming the fake ribs had sugar because they were oh sos sweet. However, after spending hours in the salon with nothing to eat I was FAMISHED when I left. I needed food asap so I went to a vegan restaurant called The Yabba Pot - since it is vegan and I had lots of side veggied I don't feel as bad.

For dinner my friend Carly came to visit me and we made an Italian Stir Fry - yes I made that up. We sauteed slices of boneless chicken breast, diced garlic, shallots, and sun dried tomatos. We added fresh rosemary and I made a roasted red pepper sauce and we topped it off with herbed goat cheese. On the side we had asparagus with salt, pepper, garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Sparkling white grape water (sugar and sodium free - it tastes just like grape soda!) accompanied our meal and we finished it with a Soypaccino with light vanilla soy milk, mocha java coffee, equal, vanilla extract and topped with cinnamon.

I still can't believe it was low fat / South Beach! Pics to come...

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rashad said...

Can we make an Italian Stir Fry date in the future? That sounded hella good. and shame on you for cheating so damn early