Monday, January 8, 2007


Okay I forgot how hard Phase I can be. I miss fruit and brown rice already. This morning I realized I had no eggs so I had a peach coconut (light coconut milk) protein shake which was a no no according to P1 but I wasn't about to go to the store or eat just turkey sausage. Breakfast is very limited on P1.

I cooked the Indian Chicken and Cauliflower and it came out.....okay. Not bad but not as fantastic as I imagined it to be. The chicken was tender, but I think I needed to season it more. I cooked it when I was starving so I didn't take care in it. The highlight is that each time I ate it (lunch and dinner) I was starving so it tasted extra good, lol.

Despite my diet failures in the past week I've still managed to not eat anything with high fructose corn syrup in it and I've avoided fried foods and those are wins. I have a dull headache today because I haven't had any carbs or sugar...this is probably because of the overload I had this weekend, but I can get through it.

Maybe I'm being paranoid but I keep expecting people to comment on how much weight I've gained. So I've been coming up with snarky remarks to fend them off:

1. *Pats the person on the belly* Thanks for your input, I see you've been inputting a lot lately.
2. I have, and I was just about to ask you which diet you're going to chose because I KNOW YOU want to lose some weight...*grabs love handles*

That's all I have for you... I need more. Notice my witty retorts include grabbing body parts...that's the key folks.

You may wonder why I only have responses for fellow fatties. I don't know about you, but it's always people that need to lose weight that make comments on the portliness of others. Now mind you the only people that ever comment on my weight, aside from Rashad's bastard friend, are family members. But you can never be TOO prepared...

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