Sunday, September 14, 2008

You wanna know about tofu?

This entry is about tofu, but I would like to say that I lost an additional inch around the waist!! Also, I am no longer freaking out about my weight. I guess I felt like I was under the gun having gained so much weight so quickly. My fluctuations are definitely a source of emotional stress. Now that I have calmed down, I am at peace because I know I am doing something about my health.

But this is about tofu...

A reader asked about eating tofu for the first time...

I am definitely not an expert on cooking tofu. My knowledge is a result of vegetarian ex boyfriends and a lot of experimenting, lol.

I love tofu for the same reason that I love eggplant: although it has a distinctive taste, and it soaks up the flavor of any seasoning or sauce you may add. If you haven't tried tofu, I suggest going to a reputable restaurant and trying it out. The Vegetable Garden in Rockville, MD has some great entrees.

If you insist on cooking, know that there are several different consistencies from liquid to extra firm. Liquid tofu is often used for smoothies and baking. If you want a meat replacement, go for extra firm.

I have no idea why tofu is kept in water. However, I do know that the key to cooking tofu is to make sure you dry it out properly. Whether you use cheesecloth or paper towels, it is a long and tedious process that pays off in the end. The tofu has to be dry for the marinade to have an affect. Marinate the tofu as long as you can to make it flavorful.After that you can cook it like any other meat: grill, fry, bake, etc., Another tip would be to

Tofu is great because it is low calorie, high protein, cheap, and tasty! There are so many different kinds of meat substitutes, so if you don't like tofu, options are still available. Hope that helps!