Thursday, August 2, 2007

Focusing on the Positive

I've been complaining a lot about not losing weight despite my renewed commitment to exercise. So, I thought I would focus on other accomplishments versus the numbers on the scale.

  1. I always wanted lean abs, a sculpted butt and arms. While I am not quite there yet, I am toned in places that I never focused on before such as my shoulders. They are coming along quite nicely and so are my legs

  2. I think I may be a runner now. I ran for about 40 minutes non stop the other night and actually enjoyed it. I varied the speeds and incline to challenge myself and I felt really good. When I got off the machine the front and back of my shirt were soaked and that felt great.

  3. I also ran outside the other day and enjoyed it despite the fact that it was incredibly hard. However, I saw the results of that accomplishment on the treadmill inwhich I was able to run at a much higher speed than usual and enjoyed it.

  4. My legs are looking fierce.

  5. My waist is significantly smaller and I see lines under the fat, lol.

  6. I did not cheat at all last week and therefore was able to thoroughly enjoy my cheat day. Usually I cheat all week and tried to have a cheat day but felt incredibly guilty about it.

  7. My nails and toes have stayed on point all summer.

  8. I am more confident in my clothes. I actually bought a pair of shorts, not capris, not bermudas, but shorts!

  9. I finally found a hair stylist who educated me about my hair. My hair has been looking great all week.

  10. I actually tired my dog out the other day running. This is a big accomplishment because that little heathen will walk for hours and hours and when we go home he is still bouncing off the walls. I took him running and after an hour of walking/running (which flew by amazingly fast) he pooped out and laid down under a tree and would not move. I had to carry him to the car, lol.

  11. Most importantly, I set this goal in January. Although I am not at my goal weight, it's been 8 months, and I am still sticking to my goals and I am so proud of myself.