Sunday, January 7, 2007


I thought I might get flack for the "all of my friends have gained weight" comment but WOW! The two that have not gained weight are Shamika and Carly. It's not magic folks, they both have maintained a consistent exercise regimen and neither one drinks heavily. Now get off my back!


Carly said...

Tonight I made lasagna with mushrooms and spinach and fatty cheese---but I did go to the gym today, but I did eat half a Fractured Prune Donut---stay far far away from them :)

rashad said...

you know, as part of your never200 crusade, i think there should a dinner club type thing, where once a week or bi weekly, we have a pot luck type dinner. just a suggestion

Shamika said...

"who in the hell LEFT THE GATE OPEN??!!!"- thats from that late night show on BET. I believe that guy from house party was the original host, i think his last name was Collier or something.
Give me my money.