Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Question about Calorie Counting

Do you subtract your calories burned from calories you've eaten (ultimately allowing you to eat more)?

For example,

I am allowed 1800 calories a day.

I burned 800 calories exercising today.
(I really did: 1hr dance class, 30 minutes cycling - this doesn't include strength training. I don't exercise like this everyday, but I had some aggression to work out. Go me!)

Does that mean that if I eat 2600 calories and subtract the 800 that I will still be within my daily calorie goal?

I know Weight Watchers gives you extra points if you exercise (you must use them the same day), and LiveStrong subtracts your calories burned through physical activity, but I still feel "guilty" eating more if I exercise (although I know the body needs more fuel if you are very physically active). Ultimately, I know that I will probably lose weight quicker if I don't subtract my calories burned. However, when I exercise really hard like I did today, I am downright RAVENOUS!

Feedback would be appreciated.

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