Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting Back Up

I've been thinking about this blog a lot lately. Especially since I am STILL struggling with eating healthy and exercising. I fell of the wagon..."hoard"....but in June I decided I need to restart this 17 year struggle. I feel like I am in Groundhog's Day, saying for the millionth time that "I'm really gonna do it this time," but it's not how many times you fall; it's how many times you get up...right? *Cue Donnie McClurkin* This blog was an outlet when I didn't feel like boring my friends with my constant weight talk. Therefore, inspired by my friend, and her motivation to get healthy, I am back at it! Bonus: I came back, and I have a note from Gihane...I actually had a reader (yay me!)

In my last hiatus I've gained a couple of pounds (4), and hovered around that number since I last posted. Since I wasn't gaining, I told myself I was okay. My fat clothes fit, so I'm good. However, I asked myself, what can I do differently this time? If a plan doesn't work, it must be readjusted. Then I got the bright idea....

Work part time at a really nice gym in order to get a free membership (and extra cash!)

My Thought Process

    • My Bally's membership is $112 a year to go to ANY Bally's in the country (sweet
      deal I got from a personal trainer ex-boyfriend).
    • Unfortunately, the one nearest me is gri-mey: moldy bathrooms, squeaky machines, old carpet, dark...just not a place you want to be.
    • Bally's also had a very limited schedule and even less group fitness classes (which I love), so I had to travel 25+ minutes to take classes that I liked.
    • I've always admired the posh 24 hour gym that is literally 5 minutes door-to-door from my house.
    • Unfortunately, when I found out it cost $90 a month and I just couldn't bring myself to fork out in one month what I could pay for a year.
    • Then I started thinking...I got my deal from a gym employe...receptionsists at most gyms...really...don't...do anything.

That sounds like the perfect part time job to me!

I decided to apply part time as a receptionist at Posh Gym although I was a little scared. I chuckle at it now, but I honestly thought they wouldn't give me the job because I am not...fit. I really thought they would say: "You're too fat girl! Lose 10 lbs. and holla!"

I have an active imagination.

Now that I work there, I realize that has NOTHING to do with employment. I love that this gym is 24 hours and 5 minutes away.

Once the school year begins, I can go BEFORE work without having to rush or wake up at the crack of dawn. Also, this gym has THE.BEST.CLASSES.EVER. Not only do they have Zumba and a striptease class, but their step class is the bizness, and they have Hip Hip Cycle which is my new favorite class. They have towel service, filtered water dispenser for bottles, and free coffee (which, if anyone knows me, they know that is my crack, lol).

Other unexpected benefits include seeing all of the people at the gym GETTING IT IN! I realized that a lot of "skinny" women actually work at it. Even seeing people that are significantly overweight come to the gym is inspiring. So here is to a job with benefits! For those of you that have fallen down, what are some creative ways that you've gotten back up? What did you change to make it work?


KD said...

Love you love your blogs.. keep it up! YOU have inspired me to start my journey again... Thank You!!!
I am going to invest in that heart monitor and I already pay a membership to a 24 hour gym.. ( note I said pay.. not attending) but that's about to change!
I had some good success with weight watchers and since they are currently offering a $1 sign up fee I am going to try it again!

Keep blogging I need you sis......


Never200 said...

Aw thanks sis! Weight watchers is excellent because they are not a fad diet, and I believe it teaches you how to eat. I've been successful with them in the past. I know you can do it.