Saturday, August 2, 2008

BBC Gives Good TV

What if you were told that the side effects of a particular medicine caused:
extreme fatigue
mood swings
inability to exercise
upset stomach
and depression?

Would you still be willing to take it if you had another option? The aforementioned effects are what the women in BBC America's documentary Super Skinny Me experienced as they attempted to get down to a size 0 by trying a flurry of fad diets including the Master Cleanse, The Water Cress Soup Diet, and the Just Say No Diet.

Super Skinny Me is part of a series of documentaries called BBC America Reveals. These docs "take an in-depth, honest, and often surprising look at some of the body image issues that people are struggling to overcome in their search for happiness," (BBC America Website).

The other docs include:

  • My Big Breasts and Me

  • My Little Breasts and I

  • 476-lb. Teenager

  • Teen Transexual
You can go to the BBC America website to check the schedule. Super Skinny Me is also available on YouTube.

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