Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays.

Hello All!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I thought I would come on to provide a quick update about my progress. I lost four pounds this past week. It literally just dropped off. One day I got on the scale and they disappeared.

I am excited and hope this is one downward trend that will continue. I committed this December to get my exercise regimen in gear and this week was no excuse. I managed to get in four sessions. I still got down with Christmas dinner, but I didn't pig out. I'm just focusing on one thing - exercise at least 3x a week. That is all I am holding myself accountable for and it takes a lot of pressure off. Maybe next month I will add another goal. Ever since I realized I was a bipolar exerciser - 6 months of fitness obsession and 6 months of doing absolutely nothing - I decided I would take this lifestyle change one step at at time.

Did y'all know that Billy Blanks' son has a exercise DVD? It's called Cardioke and it is SO much fun. It doesn't even feel like working out. It's like a modern black version of Sweatin' to the Oldies, lol. Like any exercise video, there are several moments of corniness, but I loved the old school moves and singing along. My little sister and I did it together and it was a lot of fun. Check it out if you get a chance.

PS - I'm gonna need A Biscuit Away and Nubian Fitness to hurry up and update their blogs. I know I have a lot of nerve to talk considering that this is the first time I am posting consistently in months, but I need some inspiration!


rashad said...

Happy Holidays to you Raydiance. I have gained about 5 lbs since Tuesday, so starting tomorrow I will be back on my grind

Fitness Goddess said...

I'm so trying to get it together adn update my blog. I'm so happy to see things are going well with you! Keep up the good work.