Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Measurement of Success

I’ve realized that I really need to start measuring myself. I haven’t made much progress on the scale, but I feel slimmer. I know I should have been measuring myself all along, but my measurements are way scarier to me than my weight, lol. Last week, according to the scale at work, I gained two pounds. That increase didn’t bother me because weigh-in day fell on the first day of my cycle. That only added fuel to my futile campaign to have this contest structured as men vs. women. Maybe next year?

For the last two weeks I’ve followed the Abs Diet because I no longer have the time to record everything I eat in WW Online. My friend Rashad told me I should trust myself and stop counting and just focus on eating right. I am going to have to do that at some point. I must say that I’ve been a little liberal with my food choices because I haven’t been counting. The best thing about WW is that you have to choose – you have a set amount of points and you really have to make choices about the best way to use them. I never would have had a slice of birthday cake and or a cupcake this week (we have a lot of March birthdays in our office) if I were still counting. I am still hovering around 172, which is irritating.

I am also struggling to fit exercise in during the week. I am proud of the fact that I fit in a lot on the weekends, but I need more cardio in my life. I can’t do it in the morning because I get up at 5 a.m. and nothing in this world will make me rise earlier than that dreadful time. Mondays I teach Night School and Wednesdays I conduct Leadership Workshops in the evening. Tuesday I am exhausted from Monday (a 16+ hour day from the time I awake to the time I get home) and that leaves Thursday and Friday. Maybe I should just make it a goal to fit in one session this week.

I don’t know I should wait another week for TAD (The Abs Diet) to kick in or try WW again this week and see if I lose any weight. This is frustrating!! I can fit all of my clothes and 10’s are loose in the waist (not the thighs—but I am used to that). My stomach is DEFINITELY smaller than it was in December. I went shopping for work clothes this weekend and I fit, and looked great in, all of the pieces that I selected and that was a great feeling.

Any suggestions? I need a plan. I don’t want to lose my momentum – this 40 pounds by my birthday (5/27) is NOT looking feasible.

Sidenote: Any workout music selections? My favorite for cardio this week is T.I.'s Down Low. I also made a musical discovery this week - Owasu and Hannibal. Check them out - I'm really feeling them.

Le Fox

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rashad said...

I get up at 5am and workout, and you'd be amazed at how much energy you have during the day...until lunchtime and then its downhill here from there baby