Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm still alive

I cheated like a MOFO this week. Fortunately, I haven't gained a pound. But, I haven't lost much either. I apologize for neglecting this blog but I am incredibly busy and simply do not have time to write like I want to. The source of my cheating is that I did not cook last weekend and that is my key to success. When I get home during the week I am exhausted and do not always make the best dinner decisions. I went out to eat a couple of times this week and as we all know there aren't too many healthy options in restaurants these days.

So today I cooked three meals that should take me through the next week and a half. I made the following:

Tofu and Broccoli with Red Curry Sauce and Coconut Jasmine Rice

Slow Cooked Tomato Soup with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Turkey Chili with Eggplant and Carrots

If you want any of the recipes-- Holla!


rashad said...

I would like the turkey chilli with eggplants recipe please

Chelsea said...

I cosign Rashad, I would like the turkey chilli recipe. I loose weight wagon has just passed me by, I did not fall off I am still trying to get on.... huh!!! I need some help!!!!